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A couple of reviews of Kieran’s performance recently, in Handel’s Alcina

“Kieran White (who was also in the recent L’egisto) made a sympathetic Oronte, reduced to doing what he was told and rightly puzzled by Morgana’s behaviour. White and Nic Dhiarmada made the relationship believable so that during the first two acts it did not simply seem like hi-jinks, which can often be the case. White’s tenor has a nice, plangent quality to it which suits the music admirably. As is often the case with smaller Handel roles, you wished he had a greater role in the drama.”

Robert Hugill, 26th August 2021, Planet Hugill


“Oronte (tenor Kieran White), consistently elegant”

Yehuda Shapiro, 31st August 2021, The Stage


Kieran as Oronte - Handel Alcina
Kieran as Oronte – G F Handel “Alcina”

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